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Buckle-up with Saddlebags

Scottsdale is a treasure trove of unique shops and studios, where local talent and entrepreneurial spirit come together to create a shopping experience unlike any other.

One outstanding example is Saddlebags, a celebrated maker and merchant of sterling buckles and belts. For 15 years, this esteemed business graced the Phoenician Hotel, attracting both locals and visitors with their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Saddlebags represents the high quality and unique character that Scottsdale's local businesses are known for.

Beyond bespoke leather goods, Scottsdale boasts a range of fine apparel boutiques that cater to sophisticated tastes with a mix of local and international designs. These boutiques offer everything from high-end fashion to casual wear, ensuring options for every occasion and style preference.

The city's artistic flair is further evident in its community of jewelry artisans. These skilled creators craft stunning pieces that range from traditional Southwestern designs to contemporary artworks, making Scottsdale a destination for those in search of distinctive, fine jewelry.

Hat makers also add to the local allure, offering custom and off-the-shelf hats that blend fashion with function—perfect for shielding against the Arizona sun in style. Each hat store in Scottsdale tells a story of tradition, fashion, and personal expression.

Scottsdale’s reputation as a haven for makers and merchants is well-deserved. The city not only supports a thriving community of local businesses but also celebrates the diversity and creativity of its Makers & Merchants. Whether you're a local resident or a visiting tourist, exploring Scottsdale’s array of shops and studios is a delightful adventure that showcases the best of what local hands can create.

For anyone who appreciates craftsmanship, uniqueness and a touch of local flavor, Scottsdale is a must-visit. Here, the spirit of the Southwest meets modern creativity, making every visit a memorable experience.


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